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Why coffeeshops in Amsterdam?

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam is a website where you can easily find your way to the coffeeshop in Amsterdam that you like.
We also offer you an easy download map so you can go there walking or by bike (of course:)!

Map of coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Map of al famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Where does Snoop Dogg get high? Or Rihanna? Click here to find a useful map with a route to visit al these famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam!

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Coffeeshops list overview

Looking for a total overview of coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Go to our overview page where you can find information about all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

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Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum

You want to know everything about the history of hemp? Come to the Hash Marihuana and Hemp museum in the redlight district. Book your ticket now online!

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